Gucci Fringe Bags: Fringe Benefits

Gucci Fringe Bags

I like fringe; I really do. Actually, back in high school, I had a rather serious habit of dousing myself in fringe. A black fringe leather jacket, circa 1990? Check. White fringe leather boots, circa 1991? Double check! However, even though it was the early nineties, those happened to fall into fringes of the subtle variety…wait, is that an oxymoron? Cuz when fringe infringes on my life and daily practicality, I draw the line.

I’ve seen trendy versions where the fringe literally drags on the floor, and that’s on a 6’ tall model, so you can imagine what a mop-like mess that would make for in real life, on real people. It’s not attractive – but it is definitely attention-grabbing. Which brings me to Gucci’s take on modern bohemia. I’ll be covering more as the Fall ’14 bags get delivered, but right now the best on the market are from Gucci.

Currently, their fringe bags come in a variety of styles, from their bamboo-topped tote in notice-me-now cobalt blue ($2,500) to their softly structured and tassel-topped Nouveau shoulder bagicon ($2,500). If you love these knee-grazing versions now, just know that next season (when you’ve likely tired of the trendy detail), you can always get that overflowing fringe shortened. But the best way to get on the fringe? With just a touch grazing the bag, via an abbreviated take in candy redicon ($1,980). Gucci fringe bags available at Neiman Marcus.

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  1. Gina
    June 11, 2014 / 4:57 am

    This bag is awesome, I love Gucci! <3

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