Halloween Treats That Won’t Totally Kill Your Diet

Everyone wants to indulge on Halloween – ok let’s face it – every day. There are temptations everywhere. I know I’m not the only one battling my good intentions on the daily. I know that fruits are best for me when I’m in need of something sweet (my sweet tooth is raging!), and sometimes fruits work, but sometimes they don’t and that’s OK! While the below items are not healthy per se, they all make for better alternatives to conventional junk food. 

I’ve mentioned it countless times before, I’m obsessed with Halo Top. It kills me that it’s not yet available in Tel Aviv since I’m there every other month! For Halloween, as they did last year, they’ve come out with Pumpkin Pie ice cream and it’s soooo good. It has actual small pieces of pie crust. Even my husband and father who hate anything “healthy” eat Halo Top! Though not the whole pint like I’m often guilty of…

Every top fitness and wellness pro in NYC swears by Hu Kitchen and thanks to their line of chocolates, Hu Chocolate, you no longer have to be in the city to get a piece of their health conscious deliciousness. The vegan and paleo chocolate bar made with “No Weird Ingredients. Ever” is free from dairy, palm oils, emulsifiers, soy lecithin, gluten, refined sugar, cane sugar, and sugar alcohols. The bars’ flavors include: Vanilla Quinoa Qrispy, Crunchy Mint, Almond Butter & Puffed Quinoa, and Cashew Butter & Vanilla Bean and they taste just as good on there own as they do made into Halloween treats. 

The new NuttZo bars don’t have as much fiber as I’d like but they taste so good I overlook it, especially because they’re full of healthy fats from their nuts and seeds base and because each bar has just four grams of sugar.

If you’re more into oats than a cream nut/seed base, checkout Bobo’s. They make a few products but the bites are the standouts in my opinion. The net carbs are high and there are 9 grams of sugar in the Apple ones above so this is definitely still a treat, but I love it as a portion controlled alternative to apple pie (alternatively slicing up an apple, sprinkling it with cinnamon, and sliding that in the oven is simple and delicious and no added sugar is needed! But that doesn’t always hit the spot for me).

MadeGood snacks – which just came out with a Halloween variety – make oat balls and bars all free from the eight common allergens: peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, dairy, egg, soy, sesame,fish and shellfish. Everything is also organic, gluten-free and non-GMO project verified. The kicker…there’s a full serving of vegetables in these!! (not that you would taste it…).


Vega offers another option for oats. The brand was started by Brendan Brazier (a vegan!), a former professional Ironman triathlete and two-time Canadian 50km Ultra Marathon Champion so everything was created with clean, vegan fueling in mind.

I love nuts. I love chocolate. But I have no sense of potion control. In comes Skinny Dipped. Brownie points for the genius name! Skinny Dipped’s version of a chocolate covered treat is also half the sugar of traditional chocolate treats.

Undercover Quinoa makes crispy organic quinoa bites covered in chocolate. Flavors include: Dark Chocolate + Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate + Seeds, Dark Chocolate + Blueberries, Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate + Currants. Because of the quinoa they pack in fiber and protein. Opt for Dark Chocolate + Seeds  – it’s highest in protein/fiber (3g each) while being lowest in sugar and net carbs.

These mini bags are perfect to give out on Halloween because they’re free of all the common allergens. That said they’re not low in sugar or high in fiber, but as far as crunchy snacks/cereals go they’re not bad and taste (addictively!) good.
Toddler food Moms will want to eat. These are the best alternatives to gummy bears! 
Like the Sprout Organic bites, Pure Organic makes delicious gummy bear/fruit leather alternatives.
These Dip Cups from Barney Butter are the best way to get a chocolate fix and load up on healthy fats in a portion controlled way.
KIND Minis are great for trick-or-treating, but to get in the real season spirit checkout their limited edition Caramel Almond Pumpkin Spice bars. Unlike many alternatives sugar isn’t the second (or even first!) ingredient and these bars are made with real pumpkin and whole nuts.

Dang Foods is best known for their coconut chips, but they’ve since expanded with a bunch of sweet and savory options that are also gluten and GMO-free as well as vegan. Among the new products are coconut-based Dang Bars made with no white sugar!! Look at a sample ingredient label:

Almonds, Chicory Root Fiber, Pea Protein, Cocoa Butter, Sunflower Seeds, Pea Protein Crisps (Pea Protein, Rice Flour), Coconut, Natural Flavors, Water, Chia Seeds, Sea Salt, Stevia Extract, Mixed Tocopherols (Vitamin E).

As clean as they are tasty.

I saw these cookie shots on the Unreal Facebook page..obsessed! Unreal is one of the original players in the make-Halloween-healthier space. They specifically focus on taking our favorite sweet packaged, overly processed treats (like Reece’s and M&Ms) and removing all the seriously gross things like high fructose corn syrup. That doesn’t make their products are healthy but it does make them way better than the standard and in my opinion they also taste better.

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