ellensirot.jpgWho better than the most successful hand model in the world to develop a system to help us protect our precious paws!?!?  Hand model Ellen Sirot developed a hand saving system so we can achieve model hands daily.  I got her Hand Perfection lotion and moisturizing cleanser in time for the multiple hand washing I’ve been practicing due to the swine flu scare (I must have washed my hands 30 times today!).  My hands have not suffered from any over dryness at all because Ellen’s cleanser leaves them feeling hydrated and conditioned after washing.   And if you want true perfection, apply the Hand Perfection complete day cream($50) and watch your hands reverse time in front of your eyes– I swear mine looked 10 years younger immediately!  

Specially formulated to protect and preserve the delicate skin of the hands, which all too often look years old than one’s chronological age, ELLEN SIROT HAND PERFECTION combines dynamic skincare technology with a bounty of problem-solving ingredients like skin-friendly omega-3 fatty acids, protective antioxidants, uber-moisturizers and amino acids, all painstakingly researched and developed by Ellen herself for her own prized possessions.

ELLEN SIROT HAND PERFECTION includes a Moisturizing (sulfate-free) Cleanser($30), Complete Day Cream(purse size- $30), Nail and Cuticle Oil and Night Solution. ($22) There’s also a box of reusable nitrile (latex free) Multi-Task Gloves (to shield hands from enemy #1, water) and an inherently sun protective Glovette in a racy leopard print $35 (to protect them from enemy #2, sun- I need a pair!). The collection arrived at www.handperfection.com this March, you must try these products!  Jump to see a photo of my hand after using the cream.


This is a super close up, untouched photo of my hand after using the Hand Perfection hand cream. My hands look like they did when I was in college (which was 16 years ago!)

I’m wearing Metro Chic nail polish from OPI for Sephora, its a lighter summery version of You Don’t Know Jacques that I’ve been sporting all winter.

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  1. barbara cervello
    January 8, 2010 / 3:01 pm

    Everyone tells me I have beautiful hand, how can I be a hand model???????

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