Happy Halloween!

halloween2007_255.jpgA reader sent this picture to us and we just had to share. How fabulous is this little girl going to be? I bet her mommy’s got some nice bags, including a few of the 2.55.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Smythson giveaway, today is the last day. We will have a new giveaway tomorrow so make sure to check back for that.

We wish everyone a fun and safe Halloween!



  1. Kelly
    October 31, 2007 / 1:51 pm

    That is the best Halloween costume I’ve seen in a LOOONG time!

  2. Lulu
    October 31, 2007 / 1:52 pm

    This is really quite sad. To be branded at such a young age.

  3. jane
    October 31, 2007 / 4:37 pm

    this is the most ridiculous costume I have seen on a child. what are you thinking? how fabulous will this little girl be you ask? how sad to be branded by her mother’s obsessions and delusions of grandeur!

  4. Kelly
    October 31, 2007 / 6:39 pm

    Oh Lourdes, such a fashionista…

  5. mq, cb
    October 31, 2007 / 8:32 pm

    If she were really into the spirit of Halloween, she’d have worn the bloody ugly Fendi Fishscale Skunk Tail bag featured by Tina earlier today. You’re not going to be bothered by trick or treaters carrying that foul article.

  6. CS
    November 4, 2007 / 12:35 pm

    That is an adult (not a little girl).

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