Haute Couture: Lacroix or Gucci? I say LACROIX sweetie darling!


Left: Christian Lacroix Haute Couture  Right: Gucci RTW

Gucci is said to be launching their Haute Couture collection but will not be showing in Paris at the Couture shows and will instead offer the line by appointment only.  I wonder if they’ve even been accepted by Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Paris yet. In France, the term haute couture is protected by law and is defined by the Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Paris and only the members accepted each year are allowed to call themselves as such.

To earn the right to call itself an Haute couture house and to use the term haute couture in its advertising and any other way, members of the Chambre syndicale de la haute couture must follow these rules:

* Design made-to-order for private clients, with one or more fittings.

* Have a workshop (atelier) in Paris that employs at least fifteen people full-time.

* Each season (i.e., twice a year), present a collection to the Paris press, comprising at least thirty-five runs/exits with outfits for both daytime wear and evening wear.

I am no expert (I only own two pieces of vintage haute couture– a 1971 Yves Saint Laurent and a 1968 Christian Dior) but I think they should add, PROPER TRAINING IN THE ART OF HAUTE COUTURE.  I have nothing against Gucci, I love Frida Giannini but killer boots and leather jackets DO NOT HAUTE COUTURE MAKE. There, I’ve said and I feel so much better.

What does this have to do with Lacroix?  Nothing really, I just wanted to point out what a travesty it is that a couturier of his caliber lacks the funding to continue his vision and talent.


  1. Steven L. Kidder
    January 29, 2010 / 11:25 am


    It was so sad when Lacroix gave his last show!!! That collection was a perfect send off and I just hope that someone will notice how different Haute Couture will be without Lacroix!!!

    Well I would be interested to see what Gucci will come up with for there Haute Couture show and if the Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Paris will even consider them!!

  2. sue
    January 30, 2010 / 2:19 pm

    Here, here Tina. The difference is art vs. commerce. A sad day indeed.

  3. Couture Snob Tina
    January 31, 2010 / 12:18 pm

    So sad! And they are offering it by “appointment” only which means they probably were not accepted and they’re just going to make $100,000 dresses to sell to fools.

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