Heading to Bordeaux? Wine suitcases are actually a thing

If you’re looking for a gift for the guy who has it all (or doesn’t want anything) and he happens to be a wine lover like my Dad, you might consider the above valise from VinGardeValise. I haven’t bitten the bullet yet because it’s pretty pricey ($349), but I was floored when I saw it. It’s ingenious! I’m not much of a booze lover, but I’m olive oil obsessed and travel between Tel Aviv and NYC frequently. This can be used for that as well – though knock on wood in all the times I’ve brought a bottle or two back home, they’ve never broken. What’s cool about this is that you can also remove the bottle inserts for when you’re not traveling with booze (or olive oil…) and just use this as a regular suitcase. They also sell inserts you can buy separately for magnum bottles, wine glasses or beer and they have chiller sheets to protect your bottles from the damaging effect of heat when you’re on-the-move. It’s scary to think, but holidays aren’t that far off and this would surely be a standout gift…Dad, I hope you’re not reading!

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