Health Kick: Australian-Style Yogurt, Noosa


I’ve been pretty obsessed with probiotics lately (who doesn’t want a healthy gut??!), and have been eating a ton of Greek non-fat yogurt, but when I’m looking for something a little bit better at soothing my sweet cravings, I reach for Noosa. It’s an Australian yogurt – i.e. a Greek-style yogurt that’s sweetened with honey. Noosa describes them as having a “sweet tart tang” and “velvety texture” and I couldn’t agree more. The texture really is like velvet and they’re so flavorful (a little bit of fruit is mixed into each similar to Chobani and they’ve got a variety of flavors including original ones like passion fruit and strawberry-rhubarb). Each container has about 300 calories so I have to make sure I don’t eat these in bulk because it’s very, very easy! They also don’t come in non-fat (they’re made with a mix of cream and skim milk so it’s comparable to 2% Fage/Chobani). That said, even though it’s not a full fat yogurt, it tastes full fat – seriously the texture is unlike any I’ve tasted especially because Greek yogurt can sometimes have a watery layer – there’s none of that with these.

Better yet, even if you do eat say…four containers…you’re eating something with a slew of health benefits. The yogurt is based off of fresh milk that is free of artificial growth hormones (rBGH) and artificial preservatives, the honey used is Alfalfa honey from Colorado’s family-owned Beeyond the Hive, and the fruit is all-natural without any artificial ingredients. They’re also a great source for calcium, protein, and probiotics.


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