Heidi Klum’s Inside-Out Halloween: What Lies Beneath


When it comes to Halloween, the girl does not mess around! In the spirit of the holiday that celebrates all things creepy (ladies, let’s keep the store-bought “slutty” costumes to a minimum this year, shall we?), I’m honoring Heidi Klum‘s latest kooky creation.

Rolled onto the red carpet of her Tao Las Vegas bash on a bloodied hospital gurney by two “doctors” for full-effect, Heidi’s muscles-and-bones look took over four hours to airbrush on (she is also wearing a skin-tight bodysuit). Complete with shining bald-cap, searing red eyes, and unsightly yellow teeth, Heidi proves she has no problem getting real and embracing her undead side. I applaud her sense of daring! The gorgeous mom of three never fears looking ugly because she knows true beauty belongs within. Let’s take a cue from Klum this year and remember, cliché as it may be, it’s really all about what’s on the inside.


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