Herban Essentials Peppermint Towelettes: Feel the Sensation


Always in the handbag, car, and gym bag, Herban Essentials Peppermint Towelettes are one of my never-leave-home-without-it products. Not only do they keep me cool, crisp, and calm, they also keep the boy fresh and mellow (well, slightly. It’s all relative!), even on a hot beach in the Bahamas.

Peppermint is a natural antibacterial, so it also kills germs on hands. The best part? It is instant refreshment that feels like a cool sea breeze, even if you’re stuck sweltering in midtown in a smelly cab – and that’s no easy feat. I love patting it on my forehead, the back of my neck, armpits, and even behind my knees. Or use a couple wipes after the gym if you have to dash to meet friends for coffee or lunch with no time to shower. A brief escape and immediate invigoration, all packed into a little, portably-packaged towelette. On Amazon for $15.

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