Here’s how to fight mosquitos without getting gross and sticky

Let 2019 be the Summer you get to enjoy without being eaten alive or slathering you body with chemicals or feeling gross and sticky! I’m pregnant at the moment meaning I’m especially conscious of what I’m spraying on my body and when it comes to mosquitos sprays, DEET – the super popular bug-thwarting chemical compound which is thought to cause neurological disruptions – is chief among those I’m looking to avoid. That said, I’ll take a mosquito bite over feeling gross or dealing with a noxious smell. Luckily there are a growing number of products that are safe without having texture or scent issues. I was hoping to find an odorless bug spray, but it’s near-impossible to find one that is both effective and formulated without DEET so I’m highlighting two that while they do have a citronella scent, are totally bearable.

If scent is really an issue, however, you might want to checkout Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard. I didn’t find the wipes as effective as the two options below, but the scent is considerably more mild.

The first standout is Golden Hour from a brand that just launched last month called Kinfield. It’s DEET-free, formulated with only safe ingredients (again very important if you’re pregnant like I am!), and has lab-proven efficacy. It has a citrus smell, but not a gross artificial one and it dried quickly without residue. I’ve been using it pretty much since the summer started a few weeks ago and was always bite free when I used it – and that includes weekends lounging in the Hamptons at my parents bug-filled backyard.

Primally Pure Nature Spray ($12) is another great option that, like Kinfield, relies on citronella (vs DEET) to repel bugs and mosquitos. It’s full of non-toxic, organic ingredients making it totally safe to use (according to my gyno) even if you’re pregnant. I like the smell of this one better and while it’s easy to apply, it’s important to remember to actually rub it in – not just spray – for it to be effective.


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