Here’s to making cleaning less arduous

Cleaning was never a favorite weekend pastime… I’m so jealous of people who find cleaning and organizing relaxing! Though I assume most people are like me and try to avoid cleaning anything and everything as long as hygienically possible – which in these times isn’t long at all. As lucky as I am to be in the Hamptons, cleaning a house is next level. In an effort to avoid coming into contact with people my parents and I (I’m in quarantine with them at the moment) have taken to cleaning the house ourselves on a near daily basis. I hate it!! We all know Swiffer and iRobot, which are great but there are two new gadgets that are real game-changing standouts.

First off the Roborock H6 ($449.95). It only weighs three pounds! Which means it can be lifted with ease and easily used on hard-to-reach areas like the ceiling. You can use it on floor or carpet and it’s basically like a turbo-charged dust-buster since it works as a handheld or a “regular” cordless vacuum. Unlike your run-of-the-mill dust-buster, however, it has constant suction throughout your clean, no matter if the dustbin is full or if the battery is almost empty – and that charge lasts more than a few minutes (all past models I’ve used required charging after 1-2 uses). The dust bin is also easy to clean without using your fingers and it’s not that loud when in use.

Kärcher also recently launched two cordless cleaning machines that will deep-clean almost any floor (stone, tile, concrete, laminate, wood, etc.) making them perfect for people living in a house. It’s basically like a Swiffer in that it uses water and detergent automatically dispensed to clean the floors, but instead of pads these models use microfiber rollers which do a better job at cleaning vs just moving around dirt. There are two models FC 3 Cordless ($279.99, 5.3 lbs; 12 x 8.9 x 48 in) and FC 5 Cordless ($379.99, 12.8 lbs; 8 x 12 x 48 in), both of which require 80% less water than a mop and bucket and have shown to clean 20% better. The charge lasts about 20 minutes so you will have to charge it every 1-2 uses, however. The main difference between the two models is the level of power with the FC 5 having increased suction capabilities.

Time for Dyson to watch out…

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  1. Michalina
    September 14, 2020 / 9:11 am

    This article made me realized that cleaning every day can be even nice 😀 Thanks so much for that! It was really nice to read it!

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