The Hermes bags to buy if you’re over the birkin (gasp!) thanks to the Kardashians

Kris Kardashian’s closet

We all know the Kardashians have their share of haters lurking in the internet void but as much as some might hate to acknowledge, they do have an audience who see them as taste makers, outrageous taste as it may be. Toting around a status bag like the Birkin (in crocodile, to the gym) is case in point. We’re looking at you, Kim.

To no surprise, Momager and PR Machine of the  Kardashian/Jenner clan,  Kris Jenner has amassed an impressive selection of Birkins in different leathers and treatments for virtually every imaginable situation, which she totes around freely and often. Her five daughters have also been spotted with different Birkins plenty of times as if it’s now part of their uniform.

The most committed seems to be Khloe, though Kylie recently got her hot little hands on an acquisition that’s considered ultra rare, the “Dalmation Birkin”. And that’s just icing on the cake for an existing multi-million dollar bag collection (at the ripe ol’ age of 20!).  If you’re like me, you’re beginning to sense some power draining around the thought of obtaining what’s considered the holy grail of bags, aside from the truly dedicated collectors out there.

Hear me out.

Associations can be a powerful thing and the Birkin has always been underpinned by the notion of Jane Birkin, the French chanteuse who just oozed Bohemian French charm. Replace it with brash personalities and skin dresses like the Kardashians, and it’s probably not going to create the same desire to buy one.

There’s a clear paradox though; if you’re a celebrity with one half of haters and the other half of strong followers, as the Kardashian’s clearly do, this would mean Hermes is not necessarily getting all bad PR. In fact, my non mathematical brain computes that Hermes could possibly be gaining a younger type of shopper,  who are intimately drawn to the Kardashians every drama and tidbit of  juicy news found on their social media feeds. We know you guys are out there.

For those of you totally over the seemingly ubiquity of the Birkin with each Kardashian public appearance, let us steer your attention to other Hermes bags that you might not have paid much love.


The Birkin has an air of formality about it that some would even go as far as to describe as ‘stuffy’ (not me!) Total antithetical to the Birkin,  the Constance skews towards a more youthful crowd, which I feel is a breath of fresh air from the traditional formality that signifies most of Hermes bags.

The Halzan

Debuted relatively recently in consumer years but not in fashion years (2014), the Halzan is versatile in that you can wear it four ways. It’s a more modern approach by Hermes in blending functionality with a more complicated-looking belt buckle feature.

The Octagone

Hermes gives us a taste of geometry. The suitably titled Octogone bag is another foray into modern territory and away from the traditional path of pumping out functional leather basics. Although this handy bag could definitely become your basic, it’s got modern and sleek written over it, and an athletic feel that’s not hard to incorporate in your wardrobe (particularly if your style isn’t overly feminine).  You can buy it as a shoulder bag or as a clutch.

The Lindy

The Lindy is probably one of the bags that I would’ve least connected as Hermes because it’s a departure from their usual structural designs.  The Lindy is anything but. It has a slouch effect, which might make it harder to access the interior. It looks like it has ample room though, especially in size 45 cm, which,  apparently is perfect for traveling.


The most easy breezy casual of the bunch is the Evelyne, something that will be a good bet for many daytime outings like completing errands and dropping the kids off to school.  With bags named  Lindy and Evelyne you know it’s bound to be compatible for a lifestyle that’s not strictly for the rich and the famous. It’s for normal humans too.

The Kelly

It’s safe to say that the Kelly is the Birkin’s little sister, and although closely comparable to the Birkin’s global recognition and its place in culture, we need to list it here. As you all well know,  big sisters can hog the spotlight,  and we’re just giving the Kelly the love that it deserves.

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