Baby Hermes

hermessilverware.jpghermesbooties.jpgOf course, you Mom Snobs know the greatness of Hermes, but now your babies can too. Unfortunately, they don’t have a baby Birkin (wouldn’t it be cute to have Mommy and Daughter matching bags), but they do have beautiful keepsakes. Their quality and classic style carries over into everything baby. I can’t even tell you where to begin. From bibs to bathrobes, everything is so perfect and precious. Keep your newborn occupied with the sterling silver Hermes Horse rattler ($375). For those first feedings, use the sterling silver fork and spoon ($425). The lambskin booties ($200) are gender neutral in taupe and will assure your baby puts his or her best foot forward. They are just the thing for a religious naming or first appearance. Available at Hermes.



  1. July 22, 2008 / 11:58 pm

    We have featured the fork and spoon set, too, very cute! And such a fun thing to hand down through generations in as family.



  2. August 1, 2010 / 6:36 am

    I LOVE it. I am a big Hermes fan, and I had no idea that they made this. Isn’t this the perfect gift for a newborn baby. LOVE IT

  3. October 25, 2012 / 5:25 pm

    Hermes does alphabatics graphics too !

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