His and Her gift guide

Maybe it’s because I just got married, but there’s something adorable (though admittedly a bit obnoxious) about his and her gifts. If you’re on a budget it’s also often a fun way to give a partner something thoughtful without splurging. Here’s a look at some standouts this season.

His and Her Waterproof shoes, prices vary

I have to say I never got over my love for classic Uggs, but it always bothered me that they weren’t waterproof and that the darker ones dyed my feet black so it has been a good decade since I wore a pair. I was shocked when I saw on their website that they now have a long list of waterproof and water-resistant styles! The styles are for both men and women. I love the above ones which are available in a few different colors and materials (click here for waterproof) for men. I have a pair right in front of me and you would never think they’re Uggs…they’re perfect for to and from the office, while being super cozy (New York mag has more popular options here). As for women they have a slightly slimmer version of their classic style now, which I love but the black style did turn my feet black! So opt for one of the lighter shades or wear socks. Because I love wearing these without socks, I’m now eyeing a brown super cute mini boot, which also gets brownie points for being waterproof. Perfect to slip on for winter (also love these from Six:02 that Rocky Barnes is wearing!).

His and Her Gap Slippers, $29.95-$34.95 (Gap often has sales in-store and online)

Usually synthetic fur feels well, synthetic and gross, but these don’t! They’re super cozy and comfortable and the men’s version is adorable. In fact both my husband, who has a flat foot, and my father who has a curved foot, loved them.

Terre d’Hermes, $220 for 6.7oz and Hermes Twilly, $100 for 2.9oz

I love a man in Hermes, specifically Terre D’Hermes…it’s so intoxicating! Just make sure said man doesn’t spray too much as it’s strong. For the female counterpart their new floral, Twilly, is equally fantastic and will work just as well now as it will in the warmer weather.

Recliner Unisex Robe, $145

I tried out one of Recliner’s bamboo robes and it’s butter soft (love that it comes with a hood!), but they also just launched an equally sumptuous robe that works just as well for Him as it does for Her. Or you can each get your own… you can’t really tell from the image above, but in black because the fabric is so soft and relatively thin (in a good way) the robe looks like a RTW wrap dress!

His and Her Sneakers, prices vary

Even though my husband doesn’t love (or even like) to workout, it’s something we enjoy doing together every Saturday. It’s a great habit and the perfect preface to brunch. They may not be the most stylish, but in terms of fit, performance, and wear Brooks is always on top. Their new style is designed to be a running shoe, but I’ve been using it for Barry’s Bootcamp and it works just as well for weight training/cross-training as it does for high intensity running (and they have plenty of other styles!).


Customized Ice Cream, prices vary

I’m totally obsessed with e-Creamery! You can not only customize your ice cream (there are a million options…), but you can customize the outside design of the pint. The above pint is customized with my wedding hashtag. Such a perfect unisex gift! And the ice cream tastes creamy and delicious.

Swish Beverages, prices vary

Conceived by the Fat Jewish, whose holidays wouldn’t be brightened up by one of these bottles of booze?

Subscription Boxes, prices vary

Two of my favorite subscription boxes for men are Bespoke Post (pictured above) and Basic Outfitters. For women, no one will ever top Birchbox. Checkout their Limited Countdown to Beauty Advent Calendar.

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