Holiday Beauty Tips from celebrity beauty expert Geoffrey Rodriguez

Image: Geoffrey Rodriguez 

Geoffrey Rodriguez has worked on editorials for Vogue, Teen Vogue, W, Glamour, Marie Claire, and Harper’s Bazaar not to mention that he’s been in the industry for over two decades. Needless to say he knows a thing or two about helping women look their best. I don’t drink, but I do have mild rosacea and skin that’s very prone to dehydration meaning I’m certainly not looking my best now that it’s cold (these tanning wipes from Dr. Gross are a savior!). For some advice on how to give skin some TLC this holiday season I turned to Rodriguez and asked him to share his best tips for keeping our complexions from looking dehydrated and ‘hungover’ this holiday season.

Most important – stay hydrated!

“Sipping water throughout the day versus gulping down a glass or bottle when you’re already parched is absolutely crucial for maintaining a healthy complexion. Slowly sipping a cup of hot water first thing in the morning, before coffee, can also be very beneficial. Do be aware that coffee, tea, and alcohol are very dehydrating so think about sipping water in between.”

Always cleanse your skin thoroughly, especially after a night of partying.

“Sleeping in makeup is never a good idea and can make your eyes look very puffy in the morning as well as clog pores and cause breakouts. When you have the time steam! Better still, make the time to steam! It literally takes minutes. If you can’t get to the spa or gym, there are lots of easy ways to steam at home (shower, personal face steamers, etc.) but steaming allows the pores to open and release toxins and also hydrates the complexion.”

Skin care basics.

“In terms of skin care a hydrating mist, eye cream, and nourishing facial serum or oil are absolutely key this time of year. I’m also a firm believer in the benefits of facial massage which sounds like and certainly can be a luxury spa treatment, but is also very easy to do at home, and so effective. After cleansing, spray or pat a hydrating toner on the face, neck and décolletage to stimulate circulation. Next, while the skin is still damp from the toner, gently massage the area around the eyes in a soft patting motion (with index or ring fingertips for at least 30 seconds) from the outside inward with your eye cream. This helps to reduce puffiness as well as release toxins. Then apply your favorite serum or face oil all over the face, neck, and often neglected décolletage with a penetrating serum or oil.”

Classic holiday look. 

“With such gorgeous, hydrated, glowing skin there should be no need to cover up with heavy makeup. For the complexion, which has been so well prepped and hydrated, simply dab concealer and foundation only where needed and perhaps try a little highlighter for a festive glow. Avoid heavy blush or bronzer and allow the cooler temperatures to give you a natural glow. Brush up the brows and lightly define to frame the eyes, and perhaps try finishing with a brow gel to maintain the shape. This is an especially great tip when wearing winter hats. Keep eye makeup to a minimum. Cold weather can cause tearing so excessive make up can be a burden. And for the final touch, if there’s ever a perfect time of year to wear red lips it’s the holiday season. There’s virtually a shade of red for every complexion and nothing looks more elegant and timeless than glowing, hydrated skin, perfect brows and red lips.”

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