Home workout essentials (plus the best workout apps)

I’ve never liked working out at home, especially as someone who works from home. My morning Barry’s Bootcamp classes are essential for giving me energy for my day – and, in “normal” life to get me out of the house. Like everyone else, however, I have no choice but to workout from home now. Luckily there are some great apps – all of which have free trials. I also sometimes do my own workout using Tabata Timer. I just pick six workout moves and do each for a minute, with 10 seconds rest in between and then I repeat the circuit 3 times. When I’m feeling uninspired to do my own workout I’m loving Obe Fitness (Madeline has an aaaamazing chair workout), Melissa Wood, and Alexia Clark. Pretty much every workout studio is now also posting classes on IGTV daily, including Rumble and Barry’s Bootcamp. For most of these you don’t need anything besides your bodyweight, but I find that a few props help keep my daily workouts from becoming mundane.

The TRX is amazing. It works on any door – you just put the strap on the top of the door and close the door and it’s locked in place. It can tone every body part and you can even use it for cardio (think mountain climbers).

For yoga mats Gaiam offers great price to quality ratio. They have some options at Target for as little as $24. Even the brand’s least expensive mats have good grip if you’re doing something sweaty/cardio.

Bala Bangles are great to take workouts up a notch specifically for streaming Megan Roup, which requires low weights.

This band kit from Barry’s is also great for adding resistance. I love these bands for glute work and Barry’s IGTV channel is full of inspo on how to use these.

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