Hop Into Easter!

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Free of calories and dedicated to the animals of Easter as opposed to testing on them, I love the new Lush Easter treats — not only cute, relaxing, but eco-conscious (handmade, loaded with natural ingredients, organic fruits and vegetables, fine essential oils, and ingredients that are ethically and sustainably procured), and they’re free of excess packaging (or as they’re saying egg-cess!). The new line of adorable bathing bunnies includes Bunny Bath Bombs ($4.95 each) — which come in Fluff Bun (Marshmallow and Candy), Choco Bun (chocolate), English Country Bunkin (roses, blue mallow flowers, poppy and sunflower petals, geranium and sandalwood), and Honey Bun (aloe vera, rhassoul mud, sweet orange and bergamot oils), and Mini Egg Bath Bombs ($5.95) — these are definitely not mini they’re huge! They comes in Fluffy Egg, Choccy Egg, English Countryside (see Bunny Bath Bombs for description of scents), and Magic which is my fave — it’s formulated with marjoram oil, rose absolute, basil, and peppermint. Plus it has two layers so when you put it in a bath it will change colors and go from blue to pink (so fun for kids!). They’ve also got two Happy Easter Gift Sets ($29.95):

* Pink One: Candy Fluffy Bath Bomb shell holds Rock Star Soap and Flosty Gritter Bubble Bar

* Yellow One: Honey Bee Bath Bomb shell holds Honey I Washed the Kids Soap and Ma Bar Bubble Bar


On a side note, if you’re like me and rarely take baths, Lush has also got Emotibombs ($3.95), so shower-lovers can indulge in a bit of aromatherapy of their own — just place the moisture-activated Emotibomb on your shower floor and it will releases essential oils and beautiful aromas!

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