How to boost sleep naturally

I’ve been having horrible nightmares. There’s some drama going on with my brother, I have ongoing fertility issues, and my poor husband has been working 15 hour days, all of which translates into uneasy sleep. I’ve also gotten into a bad habit of eating late at night. I’ll brush my teeth after dinner and then against my better judgement I’ll eat again at around 11pm (I blame my husband for not being home and these hormone injections!! But blame as I may, I know it’s totally my fault…). I’ll get these cravings and give in even though I’m not actually hungry and will regret it when I go to bed with an uncomfortably full stomach. I did a story awhile back on what to not eat or drink before bed according to experts and I have vowed to start following the advice. Bad sleep not only effects energy, but mood, skin, stress, weight, and so much more.

But it’s not just about stopping late-night munchies and working out personal issues. Since I can’t fix things like arguments and health issues overnight, sometimes Bandaid are needed! I have two amazing Bandaids to share, both of which have helped me in just a few short weeks. While they haven’t stopped the nightmares or the restlessness, they’ve helped me fall asleep, which is often a challenge, and helped me wake up not feeling so down in the dumps. It’s so frustrating to just lay in bed unable to fall asleep knowing that soon you’ll have to wake up and be exhausted. The new Kindle ($99.99) is my best friend in bed (especially now that my husband is often working till 2-3am!). It’s not only lightweight and waterproof, but you can read in the dark without straining your eyes and it can sync to audiobooks. I have to admit I prefer audio, but find that reading is what actually helps put me to sleep (currently reading Killing Monica). Plus, while I held on to books for very long, now that we’re planning a family, I’m relishing the extra space the Kindle provides.

The second thing I recommend is the Philips Somneo Sleep and Wake-up Light Therapy Lamp ($199.99). It sounds wacky, but especially now that it’s winter this has been AMAZING. I get up at 6am for blood tests/ultrasounds almost every day for my fertility treatments and it’s always dark. It’s hard enough getting up early, when it’s gloomy it’s extra awful! The Somneo works by mimicking natural sunset and sunrise (it’s an alarm clock as well so it knows when you need to be up). I still have issues with restlessness during the night (I’m sure this is related to the late night eating), but at least this can help ease me in and out of sleep. There’s also a light-guided breathing option, but I haven’t tried it yet. The hormones I’m on have had a really strong impact on my mood, waking up with this has been unexpectedly powerful in helping with that (though my husband now uses an eye mask to sleep!).

If you have any tips or gadgets to help with sleep please share on social or in the comments!

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