How to decorate on the cheap

My husband and I bought an apartment that we’ll be moving into next year (it’s still under construction) so anything art and home decor related has been catching my eye. It seems like every day I’m reading about something new and among the latest is ArtSugar. ArtSugar is a fast growing destination for totally affordable and unique pieces of art. There are a ton of under $100 buys and they come framed (black or white frame) and in a few size options. I’ve discovered a lot of my favorite artists (see here and here) via Instagram and ArtSugar actually sources all of their artists from social media! So if you can’t afford the “real” thing, you can still enjoy their work via a print. For example, the site features new takes on food art, with @misterkrisp‘s Rice-Krispy treat art and @thecrazyplatelady‘s plate art; and fun pop culture pieces, with prints of Kendrick Lamar, Amy Winehouse, and more. The site is also the only online art retailer to donate 5% of proceeds from every purchase to various charities, with partners including City Harvest, ASPCA, Girls Who Code, and God’s Love We Deliver. My personal favorite is the Avocado Toast print though my husband told me I “can’t” hang it up because his friends will think “I’m weird”… hung it up any way, of course!

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