how to get out of a beauty rut

Around New Year I often find myself feeling like I’m in a rut. It’s cold, the days are short, my skin is extra pale, and eating that extra slice of cake (and then some…) becomes a lot more common when I’m layered in a thick sweater. It’s east to feel blaaaahhhh or like your look has gone stale… it’s a lot harder to actually do something about the wintertime/beauty blues. But it doesn’t need to be hard. I’m not saying the below are a cure-all, but they’re easy, little things that have helped – at least me! – feel like a better, fresher version of myself, especially heading into the gloomy cold.

  • Get a spray tan (or reach for this seriously amazing self-tanner from St. Tropez)
  • Get your lashes tinted. Lash extensions are time consuming and can do major damage to your lashes. Tinting them is a great alternative. Even if you have short lashes having them super black will help make your eyes pop. In the same vein, go lighter with liner. Avoid completely lining eyes; going from the outside to the half-way point makes eyes appear larger.
  • Get your eyebrows shaped. I used to not do this on the regular, but shaping or even just a quick clean up makes a world of difference…just make sure you pick a reputable person to go to!
  • Get your highlights refreshed or better yet opt for a new haircut!
  • Brush on some highlighter/luminizer – it’s easy and works wonders to give skin a glow. This one from Cle de Peau is a forever favorite.
  • Go different with your polish. It might be hard to wrap your head around going for dark makeup if you’re used to light, for example, but experimenting with polish is a lot less scary and can work equally well to freshen up a look.

Image: Vogue 

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