How to get the best spray tan

You already know not to lay out in the sun and to wear sunscreen every day, but being pasty and white is depressing! A good tan covers up all your flaws. I know it shouldn’t, but my confidence really takes a hit when I’m super white in the dead of winter. A tan, in an instant, can make me go from wanting to wear a sweater to wanting to work out in a sports bra. I recently got a spray tan at Gotham Glow and it was amazing! It was so natural looking that people kept telling me I looked slimmer and healthier – and nothing changed besides the tan. Beyond covering flaws, the tan helps accentuate the good – like your abs. Tina wrote about her love of Versa Spa but dare I say this is better. You’re not going into a machine Gotham Glow founder, Tamar, or one of her experts manually sprays you. It takes about a minute, but they get everything perfect. They know what areas need more color and which need less to make you look totally natural. There’s also no icky smell (well there is a bit at the beginning, but it goes away after you shower). There’s a reason why a ton of celebrities go here.

There are some important things to keep in mind if you want to perfect your tan and make it last for as long as possible. “Good preparation of the skin will make the world of difference to avoid a blotchy tan,” says Bondi Sands co-founder Blair James. “Exfoliate thoroughly prior because the active ingredient in tanning products is drawn to dead or dry skin, so the more dry skin you can remove the better the canvas will be to apply a streak free tan.” He also notes that aftercare is very important. “Skin hydration is key to maintaining your color.” Also remember that just because you are now tan you are no less at risk for burning or absorbing aging/skin cancer causing UVA rays!

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