How to Make Glitter Makeup Work IRL

Glitter – whether on lips, eyes, or cheeks – was seen throughout fashion month. There’s nothing like a little sparkle to brighten things up, especially come holiday, but it’s not always an easy look to pull-off. Inspired by the Spring 2019 runways I spoke with Lori Leib, Creative Director of Bodyography, about all things glitter.

What is the most wearable way to make a glitter eye look work?

The most wearable way to make glitter work is to let the glitter do the talking. Keep the makeup look simple, leaving skin fresh and dewy – as seen all over the runways for Spring 2019. When it comes to the glitter, it can be worn on the eyes in a few unique ways:

Stained glass effect: layering two or more shades of glitter lightly on the lid to create a prismatic effect – I like achieving this look by applying a glitter shadow on the lids with a water dampened brush and then applying another glitter shade with a finger on the center of the lid, you can even add a third shade to the inner corner – this really bounces the light.

Playful textured glitter: In homage to the late Kate Spade, makeup artists applied a chunky glitter in a playful placement on the lids. This look is best achieved with a larger ‘chunkier’ texture of glitter, application should be haphazard and applied freely to the center of the lid. Apply with fingers or a glitter glue.

Multifaceted Metallic: To create a multifaceted metallic glitter lid apply a metallic shadow in the desired shape on the lid, follow by applying a glitter shadow with a dampened brush and follow that step by applying a light shade of glitter in gold, copper or silver/white just on top to mimic a wet layer of gloss.

With all the above looks keep the skin soft and the lips neutral, either a light gloss, buffed out nude or soft pink/peach.

What is the most wearable way to make a glitter lip look work?

I believe this spring we will see more foiled lips than glitter, my favorite way to achieve this look is using an amazing metallic liquid lipstick – you can even layer two shades, a darker or more rose colored metallic lip all over and a lighter shade in the center. If you don’t have a metallic liquid lipstick,  try using a matte lipstick or liquid lip and applying a soft glitter shadow on top once the lipstick has set – crush the glitter pigments to create a foiled glitter look.

Glitter can be messy – any tips to avoid that?

As a makeup artist, I keep all my glitter products in a separate box so that if anything gets messy, it is contained to one area. If you are worried about glitter fall out try applying your eye look first and then your skin or using a tool like a shadow shield. The best part about new age glitter shadows, like our Bodyography Glitter Pigments is that they are a hybrid glitter: look like a gloss, feel like a powder and shine like a glitter, they have a primer built in and have virtually NO fall out.

Glitter can also be tough to remove – any tips for best removing it?

I prefer to use a face wipe to remove glitter, but if you’re really struggling, stubborn glitter can be removed with tape!

Images: Vogue 

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