How to make sure you’re getting the most out of your facial

When I went to Tracie Martyn a few weeks ago Elsa Hosk was in the room down the hall from mine. The week before pretty much everyone (including all of Vogue) was there pre-MET. I took a peak at their guest book and literally every bold face name you can think of – from Julia Roberts to DVF – had left a note. I must have been living under a rock never to have heard of the penthouse facial destination. One of the editors I worked with a few years ago just started working with the brand and invited me in and I was immediately blown away not only by the celeb clients, but the space (walls covered in Swarovski crystal), and Marius Morariu, Tracie’s partner, who is one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve spoken with in the skincare realm (I was there for nearly three hours).

I covered a lot of topics with him, but below are some highlights that I think could benefit anyone looking to up their facial game.

Is there anything people should keep in mind before a facial? 
We recommend ideally taking a break from strong exfoliators (AHA/BHAs), chemical peels, lasers, or retinol a couple of days before your facial. Facials often involve different types of exfoliation, and you don’t want to overdo it. Also, if your skin is feeling sensitive or irritated already, definitely communicate that with your facialist. She or he will be able to work around your current condition. Also, we don’t recommend any kind of hair removal right before your facial. It’s totally fine to come with makeup because facials will always start with cleansing. Depending on the facial, always ask whether there is any downtime when you’re booking so you can be prepared. We specialize in no-downtime technology, but that’s definitely not always the case depending on the service.

For those with sensitive skin who avoid oils, is it safe to have oils applied during a facial?
It really depends on what type of oil your facialist is using! If we’re talking about essential oils, they can potentially cause irritation, sensitization, and allergic reactions, so definitely speak to your facialist about your past experience. Some can even cause phototoxicity. We understand the nature of safe essential oils and their avoid questionable essential oils even if they smell great, but this might not be the case at other places—in other words, safety first! Carrier/moisturizing oils depend on the oil because some can exacerbate congested/oily skin. Generally speaking, It’s important to tell your facialist if you have any sensitivities to certain ingredients. She/he should be able to work around those and use products geared towards sensitive skin.

Is it ok to workout before or after a facial?
I would avoid working out if you get a chemical peel, since you want to avoid excessive sweating and heat. You should be fine working out otherwise!What can people do to best maintain a glow post facial?
Follow the advice of your facialist! She/he will be able to guide you to products that are right for your skin and will help you maintain the post-facial glow. Also, you might be tempted to touch your extra-smooth skin, but this is definitely not recommended. We’re really big believers that glowing skin starts from within, so drink lots of water and eat a healthy diet. It’ll make a huge difference in your skin long-term. There are also skincare products that will help you get close to a post-facial glow. The Tracie Martyn Enzyme Exfoliant is an exfoliating mask that’s used in our facials and is the closest you can get to the post-facial glow at home. It makes your skin so bright and smooth.

What are your thoughts on extractions? 
Extractions should always be done by a professional who has a lot of experience with extractions. Our estheticians all have over 10 years of experience, but this is definitely not always the case! Poorly done extractions can cause more acne and scarring, so you really have to be cautious about who you’re trusting your skin with.

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