How to make the spring 2019 biker short trend work

If I’m not spray tanned, no one is seeing my legs! They never see the sun and pasty doesn’t even begin to describe them. When I do get spray tanned, however, I find that I have more confidence and I’ll wear things I wouldn’t have the guts to wear otherwise – like biker shorts. They’re still not my favorite separate, but after seeing cover after cover and runway show after runway show, I was curious to give the trend a whirl.

While they’re typically associated with sportswear, I think they work best for a casual, everyday outfit (think brunch). I don’t find them comfortable to workout in. As a RTW piece though, you benefit from opting for biker shorts (versus cropped pants) because they’re made from materials that actually “hold you in.” Alala makes a great pair that you can easily wear with a blazer and tee, a tee and chain belt, or a chunky sweater and not look like you’re about to partake in the Tour de France.

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