How to make your afternoon pick-me-up more satisfying

I often get the afternoon munchies and by that I mean while I feel like eating, 9 out of 10 times I’m not actually hungry. I’m usually channeling some sort of frustration or anxiety into food. What I’ve started to do is make myself a cappuccino or a matcha latte and see if I’m satisfied (I go with one or the other depending on the time the urge hits). If I am satisfied by the drink, I take that to mean that I wasn’t actually hungry… and usually I wasn’t.  They’re not just coffee or tea-based drinks, however, I make them more satisfying by adding either Inulin powder (the one from The Method is a clean, great one) or F-Factor Protein Powder. Both are high in fiber to keep me feeling full and low in net carbs to keep my waist trim (Carbs-Fiber=Net Carbs). I don’t always manage to stick to it, but the goal is to be at around 35 grams of net carbs a day when I’m trying to slim down.

Another key to making this work is ease. I am OBSESSED with the Nespresso Aeroccino 4 ($119). Literally one of the best investments you can make if you’re a coffee or matcha (or hot chocolate…) lover. It is so easy to use, so easy to clean, and it works super quick. It also works both hot and cold. I use it to make the froth for my cappuccino, but I also use it to make my matcha lattes. How? I put half water/half milk along with the matcha powder and either F-Factor powder or Inulin and hit the “latte” button. It heats and blends but there isn’t much froth so I take the mixture out and then put  just milk (it even froths unsweetened almond!) into the Aeroccino 4 and hit “latte” once again. The result is the beautiful frothy latte below. Note I used Moon Juice Cosmic Matcha (in the actual mixture and to top the froth), which is a fave because it’s enriched with adaptogens and other ingredients to benefit skin and digestion.

When making the cappuccino a step I find important is to use fresh beans. I used to buy coffee grounds, but after about a week the coffee isn’t as flavorful. If you buy beans the punchy, intense flavor that will actually satisfy lasts way longer. I ground about 3-4 days worth of coffee beans at a time and put them in a separate bag. The Brim Conical Burr Coffee Bean Grinder ($99.99) makes it super easy, clean, and you can get precisely the grind you want. And yes, you can still use a Nespresso (the only machine I use) with your own coffee grounds! Amazon sells these very useful refillable Nespresso capsules. When making the cappuccino I don’t mix the F-Factor powder/Inulin with the grounds, but rather I mix it in as the coffee is dripping out of my Nespresso or use a handheld frother (love this one) and then top the mixture with the milk from the Aeroccino. 

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