How to prepare your body for daylight savings

The Sunday Scaries are mitigated just a smidgen this weekend since the clocks jump back (at least if you’re not running the NYC Marathon!). That said while that one hour time difference might seem like a sweet bonus, it can actually mess with your sleep quite a bit – and not necessarily in a good way. Moreover, according to a study published in the journal Sleep Medicine Reviews, odds are you’re not even getting extra sleep that first night!

Why? That change in clocks means earlier sunrises, but short, darker days and our sleep cycle is in large part regulated by external factors like sunlight. Meaning you’ll wake up earlier and get tired earlier. So what can you do to optimize sleep and stay on schedule despite the time change? The easiest switch is adjusting your light. Casper’s Glow Light is a game-changer in that respect. It not only cues the body for sleep, but helps wake you up. Experts also say that spending time outside in the sunlight is key for helping the body adjust and ensure smoother sleep in the days to come. And, if you do feel sleepy towards the afternoon, make sure to take a short nap, not too close to bedtime.

Image: Vogue 

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