How to prevent color fade when the weather heats up

No one wants dull hair, even if you can – and should – protect it from the sun by putting on a hat. Allison Gandolfo, a colorist at the salon at Bergdorf Goodman (who is AMAZING if you are in NYC!), says that the number one rule to prevent color fade and keep hair color looking healthy is to avoid sulfates because these strip the color out of hair, and fast.

“Intentionally or not the suns rays are strong and just spending the afternoon walking around the city or driving around with the sunroof open in your car your hair, natural or colored, is going to lighten up,” says Gandolfo. “If you’re a blonde shade stay away from tinted oils and serums.  Anything yellow, brown, auburn, or any other color, but clear will leave an unwanted tone in your newly bleached out tresses and yes even brunettes are getting natural highlights this summer! Think clear with all your hair care products.”

She also singles out alcohol – like what you find in most mousse and hairsprays – can dry your hair and strip your color faster, so make sure you’re only buying products that are non-alcohol based.

Chlorine and hard water are other things to watch out for. “Most people think that chlorine is a no-brainer to prevent color fade, but they don’t realize hard water can have the same effects as chlorine since it contains minerals that deposit into your hair shaft and should only be removed by your hair professional.” Opt for water shower water filters if you live in an area with hard water.

Lastly, she recommends not shampooing every day (try dry shampoo instead) and if you absolutely must wash every day use a sulfate-free, fragrance-free shampoo.  “Fragrance is added alcohol so it will strip color and contribute to dull-looking hair.”

Image: Vogue

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