How to Slay Your Meal Prep 

I hate cooking and like most people when I’m hungry all rules go out the window and I’ll eat almost anything. As much as I don’t love meal prepping, I do it every 2-3 days first thing in the morning so that I’m sure to have healthy food ready-to-eat in my fridge or I’ll literally go for whatever is easily accessible (which is always some sort of chip or sweet). While I might not be lucky enough to love to cook, I am lucky enough to be fine with eating the same thing pretty much every day. My husband on the other hand rather go hungry than eat the same thing more than twice in the same week (month even…I’m telling myself he’s helping me prep for our future baby!?). With both of our food tendencies in mind I turned to nutritionist Ysabel Montemayor, RD who works with Fresh n’ Lean (an organic food delivery service) to get insight on how best to meal prep for the week.

Some of these tips may seem small, but the small things – like listening to music or a Podcast while you do something mundane like chopping a bunch of carrots – can make the tedious a lot more bearable.

  1. Finish hungry, but not hangrySchedule your food prep session so it ends just before your regular meal like dinner; that way you are working towards not just your weekly menu but your next meal as well – which will make you more motivated.
  2. Choose a theme. Choosing a theme for each session helps guide the spices and ingredients you need for the prep, but also makes meals more interesting for your palate, adds variety, helps break-up bland and repetitive dishes.
  3. Turn your kitchen into a concert venue. So simple, but many forget to turn on a fun playlist while preparing food! It sets the mood and helps create an exciting environment for mundane cooking tasks. You may even burn a few calories swaying to the beat.
  4. Look at pictures for inspiration. Turn to your favorite social media for some motivation and inspiration; most people like their food not to just taste good but also to look good. Even if the food is bound to be packaged into a container, making a dish look pretty is more fun and will make sticking to your meal plan more enjoyable.
  5. Try using a new kitchen appliance. Using an appliance that you’ve never used before might be tricky at first, but it also adds a dash of entertainment and novelty to your weekly prep session. Pressure cookers and air-fryers are a growing trend, and I am with it. They help simplify and speed up the cooking process, something most people complain about when it comes to meal prep. **Side note Brandless just launched affordable pots, pans, and a high-speed blender. I haven’t tried them myself yet, but I have seen them in action and they’re a great value.

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