How to Wear Your Backpack Now: Take It to the Front

Front is the new back. And pack is the new bag. When it comes to casual dressing, the latest celeb bag trend isn’t just the roomy backpack, from the classic and quilted to the rugged and safari-inspired. It’s carrying your backpack in the front. Think 360° and use the straps to your full advantage. Also, use your hands. While the appeal of the backpack has long been in its capacity to free you up, now is the time to take a hands-on approach.

How to Wear Your Backpack Now

1. Emma Roberts: Anya Hindmarch Eyes Backpack
Emma upgraded her gym-jaunt look with Anya’s adorable take on the structured pack. By utilizing the top handle, she assures all (googly) eyes are on her. On Farfetch for $1,099.08.

How to Wear Your Backpack Now

2. Bella Hadid: Chanel Lambskin Flap Backpack
How to make the most quintessential of motifs, aka Chanel’s quilted leather, feel fresh? Take a cue from one of the hottest models of the moment and swing your drawstring style to the front. Similar version available in black on Tradesy for $3,900.

How to Wear Your Backpack Now

3. Cara Delevingne: Burberry Nylon Backpack
Cara makes everything look cool, so it’s no surprise she can take a nylon backpack out at night, with a club-worthy outfit, no less, and make it work. But would her Burberry bag have the same effect worn on the flipside? I don’t think so. At Neiman Marcus for $1,350.

How to Wear Your Backpack Now

4. Kris Jenner: Chanel Graffiti Medium Backpack
Usually it’s her daughters who steal the spotlight, but Kris has grabbed our attention by illustrating the best way to make the most of one of Chanel’s most photographed (and covetable) bags: the street-tough, graffiti-covered canvas backpack. On Tradesy for $12,500.

How to Wear Your Backpack Now

5. Alessandra Ambrosio: Ghurka Dali Backpack
Consider Alessandra’s single-strapped Ghurka style the ultimate compromise for Snobs who don’t love backpacks to begin with. The hobo-like sling shape is just right for tossing over your shoulder, especially with doubled-up denim. On Ghurka for $2,395.

6. Kourtney Kardashian: Chanel Backpack
When the brand’s woven-leather chain straps are involved, you want to use them. Kourtney reveals how easy it is to take the dual straps into top-handle territory. The bag looks appropriately nonchalant this way. On Tradesy for $2,875.


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