How to keep your skin healthy, decade by decade

Wrinkles and acne aren’t fun for anyone, but with the onslaught of new lasers, peels, facials, and treatment beauty products it can be hard to know what we actually need and when, which is why I turned to Dr. Lamees Hamdan, founder of Shiffa.

Here she breaks down what she thinks women should do to keep their skin in top shape, decade by decade.

“In your 20’s, early signs of aging and sun damage start showing on your skin. I see a lot more acne in people in their 20’s as well, which in turn leads to the possibility of scarring and hyperpigmentation. The best cure is starting with a retinol early when the symptoms are mild. Retinol products also support a healthy collagen formation, so it lays down the bricks for a more robust skin later on that can withstand the effects of both chronological aging and photo-aging. So, by using retinol early on, this lays the groundwork for better skin in your 30’s and 40’s etc. My Rose Maroc Night Elixir is a precious blend of Moroccan rose, retinoid and essential oils. It can be used by all skin types and around the delicate eye area to effectively soften fine lines and wrinkles.”

“If you’re in your 30s or over and are beginning to see fine lines or your skin is not as fresh as it used to be, you might benefit by adding a serum to your routine. As your skin ages, it requires a bit more support and a few more targeted products – a serum is one of them. Also, take a close look at your skin and pigmentation. It’s always easier to deal with pigmentation early on, and if you do see areas of uneven skin tone, make sure your skincare contains natural brightening extracts such as bilberry, hibiscus, licorice etc. All my Shiffa skincare products, especially the White Tea Moisturizer, contain skin brightening ingredients.”

“In your 40s, what you eat really shows on your face. So, it’s time to really decrease or give up the amount of simple sugars you consume. Too much sugar causes your skin to become less spongy and elastic. In your 40s I recommend some in office dermatological treatments. You can alternate PRP with lasers (1 year, 4 courses of PRP, the other year collagen boosting and lifting laser treatment). I also recommend facials by Ivan Pol (The Beauty Sandwich), which adds definition, especially around the cheek and chin area.”

“Make sure you are getting enough protein.”

Image: Vogue

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