Frugal Snob: Hurraw! Lip Balms

I’ve often lamented how hard it is to find a truly moisturizing lip balm that –

1/ Doesn’t come in a pot (though Korres’ Lip Butters are awesome if you don’t mind sticking your finger in one)

2/ Doesn’t have unappealing packaging (Blistex Ointment I love you, but you’re jut too ugly for me to use)
3/ Doesn’t cost an arm and a leg (though if price isn’t an issue Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment is awesome)

Finally a solution! Hurraw! Balm is the only drugstore-price lip balm ($4), that I’ve come across that doesn’t leave my lips drier than before I applied the product and doesn’t fall into any of the aforementioned categories. To boot, the balms’ emollient formula is vegan-friendly, made with organic ingredients, fair trade, and flavors include a mix of traditional and more adventurous options (Mint, Lemon, Chai Spice, Coffee Bean…). Each stick is cold pressed and the mix is poured by hand to ensure the highest possible quality of each batch.

The brand’s earth-consciousness also includes eco packaging -each tube is recyclable (and oval so it doesn’t slip out of your pocket!), and comes packaged in a reusable tea bag stamped with edible ink.

They’re super cute, taste and feel delicious, and they’re not too sticky, glossy or sweet. Check-out the full line-up here!

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  1. Monica
    October 29, 2010 / 7:25 am

    Yes wholeheartedly agree! They’ve also got amazing customer service =) I’m in Taiwan and I’ve got 2 bag full because I couldn’t decide on what flavors I wanted, the Chocolate one is amazing and so is the Grapefruit and Licorice~

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