I Bought Sakara Granola and my dad ended up eating a silica gel packet hidden inside!

Do you want the same little gel packets that are in your shoes and luggage in your granola? I don’t. I’ve been struggling with infertility (doing my fourth round of IVF at the moment) and the reason I go out of my way to buy brands like Sakara is to avoid all kind of chemicals and preservatives that may or may not be associated with cancer and fertility issues. I don’t care if silica packets are generally considered safe (smoking was also once generally considered safe!). The reason to buy things like – $16 bags of organic granola – is because you’re looking for something 100% clean.

And for anyone who thinks that just because something is sold on a shelf that means that it’s safe – you’re wrong. Thanks to Prop 65 I’ve been seeing labels like the one below on everything from superfoods at Whole Foods to $400 blenders on Amazon. All this to say that we need to advocate for ourselves.

So here’s the Sakara story.

I few weeks ago I picked up three bags of their granola at a store in NYC. I got some for myself and some for my father. The next day he calls me to tell me that he almost swallowed a silica packet! Why? There is no outside labeling to indicate that they’re inside the bag of granola and because the packets blend in with the granola/milk in terms of color my dad literally put it in his mouth while eating his morning cereal. Only when chewing did he realize what he was eating.

By law, it turns out, Sakara doesn’t need to label the outside bag as having silica gel packets inside because the packets themselves are labeled – but that doesn’t make it right. I expect more from a brand like Sakara who I have been raving about for years (I LOVE their food delivery). This seems like a cheap way to allow for longer shelf life at the possible expense of the consumer and it reminds me of when Blueprint started going downhill – as of 2012 they use high-pressure processing to create their juices to allow for longer shelf life thereby comprising the integrity of their products.

The funniest part – if you can call it that – is that when I complained to customer service they told me that as a courtesy they would replace the bags of granola I got with something else. I asked them to send their bars instead. Guess what came in the mail? An EMPTY BOX!!! Seriously I’m not joking. They sent a box with an empty box of bars inside. I emailed customer service again and about a week or two later an actual box with bars came and I must say I love them! Which brings me back to why I was so disappointed with the silica… Sakara’s products are fantastic. I really hope that as they grow they don’t cut corners and compromise their products in other ways.

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