Pretty Pave headband


Post by Michelle

I’ll tell you a secret. Sometimes I get bored with my hair. I both simultaneously love and hate it. It’s long and back and while I’m unnaturally proud of how shiny it is, I hate how stick straight it is. (No really, I’m not kidding! Once, in a grossly misguided decision I got a perm. My hair fell straight within 24 hours.) Anyway, as a consequence I’m always looking for cute wraps and barrettes and pins to put in my hair. Yesterday, I fell in love with this headwrap from Stacey Lapidus. It’s a wonderful sparkly silver with purple trim that will go with lots of clothes I have! I especially love the cute Pave crystal sunburst on it. It fancies up your look without looking to ornate. I have a black tie wedding in May that I’m planning on wearing it to, but I think it’s versatile enough that I think I can wear it lots of places. Plus there’s elastic in the headband so it’ll actually stay on my head instead of inching backwards like most wraps do. Check out Stacey’s website for a bunch of really cute headbands and other accessories. $100 at



  1. Ginger
    March 29, 2007 / 4:40 pm

    I just have to say that this has become my #1 beauty blog to visit everyday. I love your taste and the good advice you give about skincare and products. You’re just awesome! I saw the moisture mask post for Awake and I need a good moisture mask…is there a good one that you know of that’s a bit cheaper? I’m a mask addict…any other great masks you know of?


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