The most Instagram-able workout studios

If you didn’t snap a picture, did your workout even happen? Judging by how many of my friends are flooding my feed with workout pics, no. It gets very redundant, however, to just see a series of ab pics (not to mention annoying when you’re being lazy and scrolling from bed in the middle of the day…). Give your followers something more interesting to “like” at one of the below totally Instagram-worth fitness studios.

Bonus, these all happen to be great workouts too…the most important part, lest anyone forgets!

Pop Physique, multiple locations in New York City, California, and Toronto

As far as barre-based workouts go, it doesn’t get much cooler than Pop Physique. Besides the above banana room, they have a cherry room and a ton of Instagram-able signage.

Barry’s Bootcamp, multiple locations around the world including New York City, California, Milan, Dubai, Canada, and many more

Not only is Barry’s Bootcamp “the best workout in the world” (it’s their tagline and I happen to agree), but no matter which of their many, many, many studios you walk into you’ll find bold Instagram-able elements on their walls. And lots of shirtless men (you know, if that’s your thing…).

Studio B, multiple locations in the Hamptons, New York City, and more

Studio B is the boutique fitness studio located in the New York City Bandier flatiron location. They have a rotating roster of A-list instructors and post class…you can shop! The studio also gets brownie points for often switching up its studio design.

Tone House, multiple locations in New York City

Yes this looks as hardcore as it is.

ModelFIT, multiple locations in New York City

Baron von Fancy is always worth an Instagram shot … spot one of his works by the changing area at this Karlie Kloss favorite. 

Rumble Boxing, multiple locations in New York City and San Francisco

You’ll want to snap pictures of everything from the boxing gloves and wraps to the studio space and art work at this fast expanding boxing/cross-training fitness concept.

Box + Flow, New York City

This second floor studio packs a lot of punch (haha) into their cozy space. It’s done in all black and white with tons of elements that pop – even the stairs! As for the workout, it’s a unique combination of boxing followed by yoga.

Y7, multiple locations in New York City, Brooklyn, and California

This hot yoga studio sets all their classes to hip-hop and other upbeat tunes, but they’re not only ahead of the curve with their flows – their branding is always on pointe. Everything from their studio space to their retail is killer (they just did an amazing collab with Alala that almost immediately sold out..literally the day it launched on the Alala website I checked and the pants were gone in S!).

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