Interview with San&Soni Designer, Sonali


San&Soni is a playful line designed by the innovative design

duo Sonali and Inderjeet Singh. The two  met while attending FIT and found not only a

design partnership, but also a romantic one. Sonali and Inderjeet married soon after

meeting and together began building their dream of designing their

own line. The collection features women’s high end contemporary sportswear at

its best, with inspiration from fabric manipulation and the use of high quality

fabrics and unique trims and details. Couture Snob was lucky enough to chat

with Sonali to get some insight into her fab line!

Couture Snob: How did you get your start in fashion?

Sonali: I always wanted to be in fashion since my childhood. I used

to design my sister’s and my clothes since I was 14. My move to New York that is word’s fashion

hub and FIT was best opportunities came along my way.


Couture Snob: When did you meet your husband and what prompted you two

to work together?

Sonali: We both met in FIT, when I was in my senior year. Our same

compassion for fashion, yet different strengths brought us together as a team and

it was a perfect reason for us to be business partners.


Couture Snob: What are some of the biggest challenges with starting

your own label?

Sonali: Building up trust in buyers especially in a very difficult

economy and keeping up with enough funds is also another challenge, but all

these challenges give us strength to be at our best each day.


Couture Snob: Who is your dream celebrity to dress?

Sonali: Kate Moss


Couture Snob: What is your most treasured fashion item?

Sonali: My first Prada watch.


Couture Snob: What do you think every women should have in her closet?

Sonali: Enough of dresses…you can never have enough.


Couture Snob: What was your first designer purchase?

Sonali: Gianfranco Ferre Shoes.


Couture Snob: Any trends you wish would go away already?

Sonali: Too much of volume…it is high time now. I feel the

silhouettes will go much slim and close to the body.


Couture SnobWhat were some of your inspirations for your fall 2008


Sonali: We were inspired by Hollywood

glamour of 50’s mix with playful attitude of 80’s. They both are very different

eras but we like their unexpected mix.


Where can shoppers see your wears?

Sonali: My website! 

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    August 2, 2008 / 8:03 pm

    Very Classy look!

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