Is kukicha tea the key to energy without caffeine?

I’ll start off by saying I love my coffee. I workout at Barry’s Bootcamp first thing in the morning pretty much every day and – for better or worse – during those workouts I drink from a thermos filled with one shot of espresso, some cold water, and ice. In the afternoon I have an almond/cashew milk cappuccino. I’m not looking to change that habit, but when I went to SHA Wellness a few months ago for a detox break I was introduced to Kukicha tea and became obsessed with it. It’s energizing even though it has almost no caffeine. I got my husband hooked on it too because he doesn’t tolerate coffee unless it’s basically 80% milk. Unlike so many other teas that have a coffee-like effect this one doesn’t taste herby. It’s a green tea and it tastes like a green tea. I was told at SHA that the tea is also high in vitamins and minerals though I have my doubts about that (at least when compared to fresh produce). It is, however, interesting to note that it’s high in calcium – a cup of tea kukicha contains up to 13 times more calcium than a glass of milk! If you’re interested in trying this out for yourself, I’ve been buying mine at Palais des Thes. I love drinking it (I buy it loose leaf) at night for energy before I go out because if I were to drink coffee after 5pm I would have trouble falling asleep later in the night – with this I get a jolt without those snoozing issues later.

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