Is The Iconic Dior Saddle Bag Back?

Are we all hailing the return of Dior’s iconic Saddle bag? It’s finally in stores and I’m sure you have heard the fashion world buzzing about it. Dior also heralded its return at Paris Couture Fashion Week, consigning the revamped cult fave to as many stylish shoulders as they could. It was at a level where I perfectly understood why many felt it was total “overkill”. Even so, I think we can all agree that the bags unique saddle shape makes it worth talking about.

I’m actually digging Dior’s Saddle bag comeback and I think nostalgia plays a big part in it. Currently, I’m mad for all things 90’s (check out 90’s_anxiety on insta). Though it technically got huge in early 2000‘s it still retains the same 90’s spirit. The short straps a la the Fendi Baguette, and shoulder worn (medium) forces you to take a moment to slow down if you want to properly access your things  – crazy in this world today (It comes with a longer strap option too, though).

I also get this weird satisfaction when I find something that I like but that others might find insulting to their fashion senses. While the hype of the Saddle bags return in fashion media was clearly boiling, I don’t think it has a foreseeable chance of reaching the same heights as it did in the past, consumer-wise (even when Bella Hadid wears it); which if it did, would probably have me running the other way. Anything enmasse bugs me.

There was some good with Dior’s heavy campaign, though: I found French blogger, Jeanne Damas harnessing her French styling powers, holding Dior’s new black beauty in leather.  Unlike the logo fabric saddle bags, the leather version really helps to pop out the D gold hardware that lazily drops down when the flap is closed and emphasises the rich equestrian heritage that inspired it, while also distracting you from its purpose of seating our bottoms! The lush interior suede lining contrasts nicely with this, as well.

Another big welcome move is the modern update of a magnetic snap closure in place of the velcro one. Imagine being at a doctor’s waiting room and have the bag belch out every time you ripped it open. Well now, you can rest easy. I’m not blind to the fact it’s not the most practical bag- ain’t nobody got time to fiddle with the exact placement of things so it ‘sits right’, especially with the mini saddle bag. Despite this flaw, I would still love having it in my wardrobe and my real point is, if Dior sent one my way, I would be more than happy to be a ‘style star’ in my remote village of roughly 18,000 people.

If you also enjoy the black leather version of the Dior Saddle bag, you can make it yours by heading over to Dior. Or if you want the original version- get a vintage one here

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