Isabel Marant “Bekket” High-Top Sneakers: Feeling Sneaky?

Only current It-girl Isabel Marant could deem a pair chunky Velcro high-tops cool. And hordes of girls are sure to follow her lead. These suede kicks, in blue and cream or black textured leather, are definitely something for the young – dare I say use the word? – hipster set.

Fashion-forward tomboys should rejoice the sneaker trend and beanpole models are sure to eat these up, but wear these with caution. This is a foot (and ankle) engulfing high-top with a lot going on. You need to conceive a look that’s subtle and streamlined. Or you at least need to know how to really rock a pair of cut-off jeans shorts. While I can’t get into the Velcro, you have to appreciate a super-casual sneaker that’s been designed with real girls in mind: a concealed 2” wedge heel is hidden inside. Because even at your sportiest and sloppiest, you still want legs that are prepared to allure! On Net-A-Porter for $725.

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