J. Mendel Matin Large Tote with Ranch Mink: Killing Me Softly

J. Mendel Matin Large Tote with Ranch Mink

Though a classic, structured tote is as timeless as it gets, large black bags don’t always excite. Yet with luxe calfskin trimmed ever so lightly in mink, J. Mendel’s precisely detailed Matin tote bucks any thoughts of boredom, creating a sumptuous treat for the senses that has even me leaving my mini bags at home (and that is an impressive feat!). Since the French atelier is known so well for its decadent furs, seeing a little sprinkled along bags is no shock (though the way it softens the Matin’s geometric lines does produce serious awe). Gilles knows that a little goes a long way, even touching the logo tag of the all-leather version ($2,900) with a dose of texture. Bottom line? On days when a fur coat is too much, the Matin tote will be the perfect accessory to get you your fix! J. Mendel Matin available at J. Mendel for $3,900.

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