Jabonería Marianella Soaps: All in the Family

Jabonería Marianella Soaps

From the rejuvenating face and body bars to the moisturizing antioxidant milk bars, every last one of Jabonería Marianella’s natural soaps smells wonderfully fragrant and feels just as divine. As a mom, I love that it’s a mother-son operation! Marianella brings her soap-making know-how (learned in her family’s kitchen in Venezuela), while her artist/filmmaker son David Foote creates the gorgeous packaging. Together they elevate the basic soap bar into a true luxury item. Seriously – you’ll be tempted to throw out your shower gels! They’re great little gifts. Dama de la Noche smells the most feminine, so reserve that for girlfriends. The rest are pretty unisex. The scents are fresh and clean, and the ingredients are too – think argan oil, oatmeal, and goat milk. If you’re still not sure which to get for each of your friends, go ahead and treat yourself to all four bars! The best way to know what they’re like is to try them out, right? On Jabonería Marianella for $16 each.

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