Janessa Leone Fur Felt Fedoras: Time After Time

Janessa Leone Fur Felt Fedoras

My addiction to hats has recently escalated to epic proportions, and I have Janessa Leone’s new handmade hat line to blame. They’re so perfect, it’s actually a dilemma. Which do I get? All nine of them? At these prices, it is tempting. The feathered Madeline ($310) and steel-colored Sorbonne ($310) are musts, but I don’t know if I should go for the rest. My office is already littered with hats of all shapes and sizes. From Hermès to vintage 1800s Civil War widow bonnets, I have them all! And it’s not just because I only wash my hair twice a week – I’ve always loved hats. They’re the easiest accessory and almost always make a huge statement. So Janessa Leone’s menswear-inspired collection is the obvious next addition. Her fur felt fedoras are timeless, high quality, and well-priced (certain brands who will remain nameless charge $900 for similar hats – why?!). Janessa’s pieces have gorgeous, classic shapes, but over time will mold to fit the owner, a special feature that takes these toppers from mere accessories to true heirlooms (when Janessa was a kid, she would journey into her grandfather’s closet to try on his hats!). The designer’s creations all stem from her love of nostalgic, meaningful pieces that you can evolve with you throughout life. So grab one (or nine), toss it over a dress or jeans, and start making memories! Prices range form $310 to $330 on Janessa Leone.

Janessa Leone Fur Felt Fedoras

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