Jil Sander Nappa Boudin Tote


I am envisioning a girl, maybe me, wearing a summer shift dress in sandals, flats, skipping down the street with a giant smile. It’s like a typical ad for anything but none of it works if she has a shoulder bag or giant tote, she needs this Jil Sander top handle tote that is small and white white. I just discovered that giant white bags do not really work (just had to return one), there is way too much surface area to worry about, but a small white bag is essential for summer fun. Well, this isn’t tiny tiny, but I love that it folds in for a bowler shape or opened for a bigger tote. The rolled thread handles are all the details that is needed for the sumptuous soft leather, you wouldn’t want to ruin the pristineness. Also comes in black (and the Crackled Black which I think is gross) but none of what I just said would apply. At Barneys New York for $1575.

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  1. May 17, 2009 / 5:18 am

    oooo i love this bag…just bought one in birght orange…the leather is soooooo soft 😀

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