Kate Spade’s Brand Was About Bringing Fashion To All Women

Last week, you’ve probably heard that Kate Spade tragically passed away after a long struggle with depression. When I heard of the news, I was shocked at why such a brilliant woman took her own life. But of course, brilliance doesn’t inure one to the grips of depression.

Long before contemporary brands were doing quality bags that you didn’t need to fork out loads of money, Spade’s brand was doing it.

Spade’s eponymous brand launched an accessible line of bags in the spirit of Kate Spade, often with a smattering of bright colours and an element of quirk that real American women connected with.

Importantly, she allowed women to access a piece of fashion in a fashion industry that notoriously shuns out people who can’t afford most of its clothes and accessories. Being one of those people, I was super impressed at the attention to detail in her bags when I visited a Kate Spade boutique on my travels to the US two years ago. For three figures, the tote I inspected had immaculate stitching and looked like it would last for years.

Even though Spade sold her stake of the company, the brand still has the ethos and vision of its creator. At Bag Snob, we also encourage the inclusion of everyone in fashion, and that is probably the biggest legacy Kate Spade will leave in the fashion world.

We would love to hear what Kate Spade’s brand meant to you.

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