Kendall Conrad iPhone 4 & 5/BlackBerry Case: Fun Size

Kendall Conrad iPhone 4 & 5/BlackBerry Case

I was just talking about the sleek ease of wallets on chains, and now I’ve found something even slimmer – an iPhone clutch! This is sure to illicit delight from the tech-savvy Bag Snobs in your life. Snakeskin hand painted in a chocolate hue makes for a treat they won’t be able to resist (I’d take a chocolate colored bag over real chocolate any day). The case is accented with a coordinating leather tassel and African brass beads for extra flair. The real appeal is in its functionality, though – card and money slots that will keep you organized as you dance the night away. So many cases like this are designed for specific phone models, yet this one will house anything from iPhones to Blackberries, improving the odds of it remaining a mainstay in your closet come the new upgrade. Besides, even once phones as we know them are completely different, this will still be a great little clutch. And when you need more room, just treat this as your wallet and throw it in a tote! Kendall Conrad iPhone case at Kendall Conrad for $720.

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