Kendall Jenner x Black Orchid Noah Patchwork Skinny: Sour Patches

Kendall Jenner x Black Orchid Noah Patchwork Skinny

I love denim on denim. There’s a fine line between being chic and being out of touch, though, and throwing patches into the mix only makes it harder to achieve the former. Fortunately for Kendall, she can wear anything and still look like the supermodel she is, even when the anything in question is a pair of cheap-looking jeans. I’m all about patchwork, but this denim disaster from Black Orchid is too forced. It’s as if they said, “Hey! Let’s throw patches on jeans just like we saw on the runways. It’s trendy!” And in fairness to them, some pretty stylish people are wearing these pants. Emma Roberts and Fergie have also been seen sporting Noah skinnies. Even still, if you ask me, you’re better off applying patches to denim you already have at home. What do you think? Available at Bloomingdale’sicon for $189.

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