Keratin Complex Lock Launder Strengthening Dry Shampoo: For Locks That Last


Despite the triple digit heat we are experiencing, my hair is maintaining its usual shine without extra oiliness – mainly because of the discovery of these two products. They are the reason I’ve been able to extend my blowouts (in the summer I usually wash my hair every other day, as opposed to every three days in the winter).

In between shampooing, I use the Keratin Complex Lock Launder, a dry shampoo made with keratin protein to strengthen hair and help it retain its elasticity. This prevents it from breaking off or splitting into nasty ends. And it’s especially great that you get no powdery leftovers, like so many other dry shampoos.

I then use the Lock Luster Nourishing Spray Conditioner before blow-drying and styling my hair. It keeps it looking healthy since it also contains keratin (obviously all about the keratin, as the brand name suggests!), as well as antioxidants and vitamins. This lightweight spray conditions, moisturizers, and protects hair from the harmful effects of blow-drying and heat styling.

Used together, the result is shiny, healthy hair – and I gain an extra day or two before I start all over again!

Strengthening Dry Shampoo at Keratin Complex for $25.

Nourishing Spray Conditioner at Keratin Complex for $25.

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