Kimberly Ovitz Fall 2012: Mega-Brows on Androgynous Babes

A dark, grungy, almost Goth mood reigned at Kimberly Ovitz’s Fall 2012 show – and the faces were somehow even more severe than the unapologetic black clothing, much of it draped like capes over the models as if they were night crusaders.

It was all about the brow: a thick straight line, as dark as can be, jetting across pale faces, complete with a barely-there contoured cheek and a nude lip. I just made a case for the full brow, after the Spring 2011 shows gave us faces with a lack thereof, but a dark, heavy brow that’s not arched at all? It’s a strong statement, but it’s not a look anyone should go for in real life – unless you’re an angry cartoon character. The stern eyebrows fit the harsh mood of the show, but how do you feel about Kimberly’s bold yet bare faces?

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