Kitchensurfing Wants To Match You With A Personal Chef


A few weeks ago a friend posted a picture on Instagram of a little girl saying “Do I cook? I don’t know…do you build houses?” It made me laugh and think about Kitchensurfing, an awesome website that is continually expanding to new cities. Basically the site matches you with a personal chef that fits your taste buds. You pick the chef based on the style of food you’re looking for (Mexican, gluten-free, kosher, Italian, Farm to Table…), or pick based on a set menu that catches your eye. You then work with the chef to solidify a menu or make edits to one they have prepared (prices vary based on ingredients and number of people, but come out to about the same as a nice dinner out). The chef then comes to your home, prepares, serves and cleans everything up (they bring everything they need including pots, oils and plates etc if you don’t have them).

There are so many chefs to choose from – you can literally have them come and do anything from prepare a romantic farm fresh organic dinner for two to have them cook a fried chicken fest for 30. I recently used the site to find a healthy chef to come to my apartment to prepare dinner for a guy I’m dating’s birthday (he’s gluten-free, sugar-free, while I’m picky about pretty much everything…). I asked her to prepare everything at once so she wouldn’t have to wait around and serve us the courses so you can see our three course meal below. Everything used was organic and from the farmer’s market. Simple, clean, and delicious and it took her just 25 minutes to prepare and she left my kitchen totally clean! (Click here to see her profile). Note there is no dessert because since it was his birthday I told her I would take care of the dessert myself.

Not only is this a great alternative to date night when you’re simply too tired to leave your home or if you like hosting dinner parties, but don’t like to cook, this is a fantastic service for parents who don’t want to leave their kids home alone.


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