Kneipp Zen with 10 Bath Collection

I grew up using Kneipp because it’s sold at most drugstores in Munich where my parents are from and Germans in general are more open to natural, aroma-therapeutic, and homeopathic remedies. They’re an affordable brand (though a bit pricier State-Side than overseas), that makes a ton of products including natural herbal bath salts, essential oil soaks, body washes, lotions, and skin conditioners. I was sent a sample of one of their holiday kit, Zen with 10 ($44), and my desk is now lined with the bottles! The set includes miniature versions of Kneipp’s herbal and aroma baths, each of which targets a different issue:

-Eucalyptus Cold & Flu – Relieves a runny nose, sinus congestion and allergies

-Juniper Muscle Soother – Works to improve circulation and soothe muscle tension

-Lavender Balancing – Helps combat fatigue and brings about peace of mind

-Melissa Stress Relief – Relaxes and calms feelings of stress, anxiety and nervousness

-Rosemary Awakening Vitality – Invigorates and energizes with improved circulation

-Valerian & Hops – Soothes and calms for a more restful night’s sleep

-Pure Bliss – Promotes a feeling of well-being and relaxation

-Arnica Joint & Muscle Rescue – Works to relieve achy muscles and tight joints

-Warm Embrace – Ginger and Cardamom relax the mind and promote a feeling of warmth

-Sensual Seduction – Deeply relaxes while boosting confidence with Jasmine

I don’t take baths, but the concentrated scent in these potions is amazing. I’ve been smelling them throughout the week as I remind myself that life gets a lot easier if you remember to breath (if there’s one thing I’ve learned from yoga!). The holidays will be creeping up on us before we know it and this is a wonderful pampering find. Lavender=bliss:)

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