Kotur #getsmartbag Elaphe and Brass Smartphone Clutch: The Future is Now

Kotur #getsmartbag Elaphe and Brass Smartphone Clutch

Is it a clutch or is it a case? We officially live in the age of technology, where we’re all constantly glued to our smartphones, gadgets, and gizmos. Now, thanks to Kotur’s savvy sensibility, your phone can get stuck on your clutch. Literally! Chronic texters, Instagram babes, and tweeters rejoice: Their brilliantly designed #getsmartbag (yep, the language of hashtag is now universal) clutch gives you the option to keep your iPhone on the outside of your bag. Thanks to a magnetic-flip holder and discreet, streamlined design, no one will be the wiser. Until you start making calls with your minaudière, of course.

Lined with chartreuse brocade and topped with a crossbody strap, this teeny-tiny snakeskin-paneled clutch will hold your bare necessities for a hands-free night out. Or you can slide your phone inside when you want to keep it safe and hidden. Just don’t blame me when you’re friends complain you’re not listening or looking them in the eye. On NET-A-PORTERicon for $400.

Pair with: Keep your jewelry as dainty as your evening bag with Loren Stewart’s Itsy ID bracelet. Topped with a tiny diamond, this delicate jewel is whisper-thin for instant chic. At Barneys New Yorkicon for $295.

Kotur #getsmartbag Elaphe and Brass Smartphone Clutch

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